Organic Facials


45 minute session... £30
60 minute session... £35
90 minute session... £50 (massage & facial)

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Beyond Organic Skincare is an award winning certified organic skincare range.  They use only 100% natural and organic ingredients, which are hand-made in their workshop in Cornwall.  Not only are they free from all synthetic chemicals, additives and perfumes, but they also make their own herbal and botanical infusions from highly specialised ingredients researched to do the best for your skin.  As nature does it best, why add anything synthetic, or potentially harmful to you or the environment.  Their quest is to bring you the purest, kindest most ethical and effective skincare products.


Why Use Organic Skincare?

Organic products often supply skin solutions that products in regular skin care lines just can’t compare with, like improved skin clarity and a glowing complexion without the use of harsh irritants.  People with sensitive or troubled skin often find that organic skin care products are much gentler than traditional products.  Although organic skincare can appear expensive, as the products are far more concentrated, a little goes a long way, making them last longer and therefore value for money.



More than just a facial.  Enjoy a hand/arm, foot and scalp massage while the products nourish your skin.  The experience is further enhanced with natural lift facial massage to gently tone the facial muscles and release tension.  Feel completely chilled out and pampered with soft fluffy towels, heated blanket and hot steam towels to remove products.  The treatments are suitable for calming and soothing irritated and sensitive skins.

BIO-ACTIVE FACIAL – this unique facial is a fusion of massage techniques to stimulate the facial muscles, brighten the complexion and soothe the soul.  May help to improve skins resilience and elasticity with the use of nourishing organic oils and plant extracts.

MASSAGE AND FACIAL – treat yourself to a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a facial of your choice.


Try it for yourself to see and feel the difference.

Beyond Organic Skincare is available for purchase.